Brazil to allow for automatic approval of new agrochemicals

Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry will allow for agrochemicals awaiting regulatory approval to receive licenses automatically, potentially allowing new pesticides to reach market faster, according to new rules published in the government gazette with effect on April 1. If the ministry fails to review applications for new chemicals to be licensed within 60 days, the products will automatically be approved, although they will still need to receive separate approvals by the Health and Environment Ministries before going on the market.

Source: Reuters

Costa Rica, Uruguay and Brazil lead Latin American sustainability ranking

Costa Rica, Uruguay and Brazil, lead the Latin American sustainability ranking prepared by América Economía Intelligence considering seven dimensions: greenhouse gas emissions, energy matrix, biodiversity and forest management, agricultural pollution, water resources management, air quality in urban areas and environmental taxes. Greenhouse gas emissions is the dimension of greatest weight, with 28% over the final index. Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay are at the end of the list of eleven countries studied.

Source: América Economía

Brazil to create ‘Amazon Council’ to protect and develop the rainforest

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro said on Twitter he will create an “Amazon Council” led by vice president, General Hamilton Mourao, to protect and ensure the “sustainable development” of the world’s largest rainforest. Under Bolsonaro, the number of fires in the Amazon reached a 10-year high last year, prompting world leaders to denounce his environmental record.

Source: Nasdaq