Gross Value of Minas Gerais’ Agricultural Production should reach $15 bn

The Gross Production Value (GVP) of agriculture and cattle raising in Minas Gerais should reach, in 2020, R$ 87 billion ($15 bn), registering growth of 21.9% in relation to the previous year. The indicator represents an estimate of income generation in rural areas and its calculation is made by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), based on data from the IBGE.

Source: Noticias Agricolas

Electric CEB approves privatisation of unit CEB-D for $254 mm

Companhia Energética de Brasília (CEB) reported that its shareholders approved a proposal to sell 100% of the shares of its electricity distribution subsidiary CEB-D. At an extraordinary general meeting, shareholders also decided that the privatisation of CEB-D should involve a minimum sale price of R$1.423 billion ($254mm).

Source: UOL Economia

Sebrae: Situation of micro & small companies remains critical

Silas Santiago, Public Policy Manager at Sebrae Nacional, evaluated that although Brazilian micro and small companies have begun to recover from the coronavirus crisis, their situation remains “critical. He defended a project that suspends the payment of taxes and another that foresees a special payment of debts related to taxes (Refis do Simples Nacional).

Source: G1

Green Fund discusses fiscal problem and poverty in Brazil

The monthly letters from the Green fund are watched carefully by the market. Although the fund managed by Luis Stuhlberger and his team has exceptional track records, it is performing poorly this turbulent year as much of the funds offered in Brazil. In September, the Verde FIC FIM had a loss of 1.22%, which accumulated losses of 1.47% for the year.

Source: Valor Investe