Only one in four companies survive for more than 10 years in Brazil

Data published by IBGE show how difficult it is to maintain an active business in Brazil. One in four companies have managed to stay in business for over 10 years. According to the survey, of the approximately 889,500 companies created in 2008, only 225,000 were still operating in 2018. In other words, only 25.3% of the companies managed to stay in business for more than a decade.

Source: G1

Brazil’s industrial confidence reaches its peak since 2011

Industrial confidence in Brazil rose in October to its highest level in more than nine years, a survey showed as the sector continues to rebound strongly from the coronavirus closures and leads the economic recovery. The increase was mainly due to the positive business outlook in the current situation, with the sub-index climbing 5.9 points to 113.2, while the expectations index gained 2.2 points to 108.1, according to FGV.

Source: ES Investing

Commission approves $750 mm from IDB for small and micro enterprises

The Economic Affairs Commission (CAE) approved a credit operation of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) with BNDES. $750 mm will be made available to finance micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), providing a new cycle of sustainable growth, given the relevant role of the segment in generating jobs and income.

Source: Money Times