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Information about Brazil’s economic sectors

Projects for sanitation of concessions and partnerships totalize $11.2 bn

The approval of the new sanitation framework should strengthen the entry of private investments in the sector. The government is studying concessions and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) projects that amount to R$ 62 billion ($11.2 bn). Of that amount, R$ 55 billion ($10 bn) are in BNDES and another R$ 7 billion ($1.3 bn) with Caixa. The largest of the projects being structured at BNDES, of R$ 33.5 billion ($6 bn) is in Rio de Janeiro.

Aneel approves 135 MW in solar energy production in Paraíba

The National Electrical Energy Agency (Aneel) granted to Rio Alto Energia the 35-year concession for the implementation and operation of five photovoltaic plants under the independent production regime, totalling 135 MW of installed capacity in the municipality of Coremas. The solar complex is composed of ten plants with capacity to generate 300 MWp, generating 93 MWp in an area of 300 hectares.

CNPE reduces Renovabio decarbonisation targets in Brazil

The National Energy Policy Council approved a resolution to reduce the annual compulsory goals for the reduction of greenhouse emissions for the commercialisation of fuels under the RenovaBio program. The Ministry of Mines and Energy did not report the amount, but in the proposal presented on July, provided for the emission of 14 million decarbonisat

Brazilian steel production recovers and grows 3.5%

Brazilian crude steel production reached 2.6 million tons in July this year, an increase of 3.5% compared to the same period in 2019. Domestic sales grew 8.3% compared to July 2019 and reached 1.7 million tons. Apparent consumption of steel products was 1.8 million metric tons, an increase of 4.4% compared to the same period of 2019.

Petrobras begins phase for sale of 578 MW in thermal power plants

Petrobras began the binding phase regarding the sale of four thermoelectric plants. The Arembepe, Bahia 1, and Muricy plants have a total installed capacity of 329 MW. The plants operate with oil and have the possibility of conversion to natural gas. The Rio Grande do Sul power plant of Canoas, on the other hand, has an installed capacity of 249 MW and is bi-fuel, using natural gas and oil for generation.

Copel sells 162 MW in solar and wind energy

The Companhia Paranaense de Energia (Copel) held a solar and wind energy auction, through which it sold 162 average MW for a period of 13 years, starting supplies in January 2023. The projects that won the auction total 595 MW of installed capacity, 184 MW of which were wind and 411 MW solar.

Cbios emission should accelerate in the second semester

The definition of the tax regime for decarbonisation credits (Cbios), with the overthrow on August 12th of the presidential vetoes to the section of the Agro MP that rate the bond at 15%, will help accelerate the emissions and the commercialisation of the Cbios in the second semester. In total, 252,400 Cbios have been traded so far by all brokers, at an average price of R$ 20 ($4).

Tourism activities grow 19.8% in Brazil, says IBGE

The aggregate of tourism activities grew 19.8% in June compared to May, according to data released by IBGE. In two months of progress, the sector accumulated a 28.1% gain, still insufficient to recover the 68.1% loss registered in March and April. According to the IBGE, the measures to prevent Covid-19 had an intense impact on tourism companies, especially on air transportation, restaurants and hotels.