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Information about Brazil’s economic sectors

Brazil’s crude steel production drops 17.9%

Brazilian crude steel production fell 17.9% in the first half of this year, reaching 14.219 million tons against 17.324 million tons in the same period of last year. The drop was attributed to the 13 blast furnaces paralysed as a result of the new coronavirus pandemic, said Marco Polo de Mello Lopes, executive president of the Brazil Steel Institute, in a virtual press conference.

Soybean exports in Paraná grow nearly 60%

Paraná has never exported as much soy as in the last harvest, the increase was almost 60%. From January-June 2020 the state exported 9.2 million tons of the grain, according to the port administration. According to analysts, in need of animal feed, the Chinese increased the demand for Brazilian grain.

S&P Global downgrades Goal rating to CCC+

The S&P rating agency downgraded Gol’s rating on the global scale from B- to CCC+, citing the company’s increased risk of failing to pay off a $300 million debt due in August. The agency also put the company’s rating on ‘under development,’ depending on the company’s ability to complete debt refinancing.

Exports of Brazilian citrus fruits rise to 158%

The crisis, caused by the pandemic, has boosted the sale of Brazilian citrus fruits to other countries. In six months, these fruits were responsible for $57.1 million in exports, which represents an 8% increase in the exported value. The data is part of a study made by the National Confederation of Agriculture (CNA), based on information from the federal government.

Natural gas consumption in Brazil drops 25%

Total natural gas consumption in Brazil in May fell by 25.4% compared to the same period last year, when it totalled 40.6 million m³ per day, due to the impact of the coronavirus, said the Brazilian Association of Piped Gas Distribution Companies (Abegás). The industrial segment, which is responsible for most of the product’s consumption, registered a 24% drop in the annual comparison, with 21.8 m³ metres per day.

Renewable sources used in Brazil are three times higher than worldwide

In Brazil, renewable energy sources reached a 46.1% demand for participation in the Energy Matrix, an increase of 0.6% over 2018, according to the MME. The Brazilian indicator represents three times the world indicator. Total energy demand reached 294 million toe, showing a growth of 1.4% over 2018, above the GDP rate (1.1%), and accounting for 2% of world energy.

Brazil exports more soybean oil with drop in biodiesel

The negative impact of Covid-19 on the Brazilian diesel demand has also reduced the necessity of biodiesel, increasing the exportable surplus of soy oil, the main ingredient of the biofuel mixed in 12% in the Brazilian fossil product. Through Cattalini’s facilities are expected to export 850 thousand tons of soy oil in 2020, versus 672 thousand in 2019.