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Brazil registers opening of 782,664 companies in the 2nd quarter

Although the pandemic affects economic activity throughout the country, Brazil recorded the net opening of 782,664 companies in the second four months of 2020, according to data released by the Ministry of Economy. The Business Map shows that 1.114 million new firms were opened from May to August 2020, an increase of 6.0% over the first four months of the year and a rise of 2.0% over the same period last year.

CBio marketing breaks record after review of 2020 targets

The sale of decarbonisation credits (CBios) for fuel distributors in Brazil has seen a significant increase after the government published revised targets for 2020, the Sugarcane Industry Union (Unica) said. According to a statement, the amount of CBios on the stock market rose by 1.11 million in the first half of September, whilst negotiations for distributors reached a record 321,600 credits in the period.

Raízen negotiates purchase of Biosev, including potential $1.4bn debt payment extension

Biosev said it is negotiating the sale of its operations to Raízen Energia. Raízen has 26 plants and Biosev controls eight units. If the acquisition occurred, Raízen would have 34 plants, including a mill equivalent to 15% of South Central sugarcane production in 2019/20. A debt restructuring would be on the table that would see a possible extension of payments of $1.4 bn in debt from Biosev.

Photovoltaic generation in Brazil shows annual growth of 25%

The generation of photovoltaic plants grew 25% in August compared to the same period in 2019, according to data released by the Chamber of Electricity Commercialisation (CCEE). The source totalled 751 MW in the month, compared to 601 MW last year. On the same basis of comparison, hydroelectric generation grew 15.7%, following the gradual resumption of energy consumption as a result of the country’s return to activity.

Pandemic reduced sales or services in 36.1% of companies in Brazil

The pandemic caused a reduction in sales or services sold in 36.1% of companies operating in the country in the first half of August. The data are from the Pulse Company Survey, which is part of IBGE’s Experimental Statistics. On the other hand, 33.6% of the companies said the effect was small or non-existent, and another 30.3% of the companies said they had registered an increase in sales with the pandemic.

Green bond moves $ 8.1 bn in Brazil

At a time when global demand for investments in “green causes” is increasing, Brazil has a total of 50 sustainable and green emissions in the securities market, totalling $8.1 bn. By issuing these papers, companies commit to investing in projects that generate positive environmental impact. The majority is linked to forest exploitation (38%) and renewable energy generation (24%).

Social impact stock exchange companies must have ESG certification

The social impact technology companies of [BVM]12, a developing stock exchange in partnership with Banco Maré, will have ESG certification. To certify the companies are correct, the new exchange aims to assess the social impact of these companies through digital research, using artificial intelligence and blockchain. All companies will have to meet the governance model to be on [BVM]12.