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BYD launches $1.2 mm photovoltaic plant in Campinas

BYD inaugurated in Campinas (SP) its first photovoltaic plant exclusively focused on research and development (R&D) in Brazil. With an investment of R$ 7 million ($1.2 mm) in equipment, the unit was built within the 4.0 industry concept. According to the company, the solar farm has a complete weather station and will have a capacity of 500 kW, which will be generated from a wide range of technologies in photovoltaic modules

New stock market will focus on social impact startups

The entrepreneurs of Banco Maré (RJ) want to create a new stock exchange in the country, ending a long monopoly of B3, but with a different approach: social and environmental impact startups (ESG). The CEO of (bvm:)12 expects that it will start operating later this year and may attract around 150 thousand investors right at the beginning of operations.

Biogas may be key to bio-economy in the Amazon

The bioeconomy has been pointed out as a solution for the preservation of the Amazon Forest. An unprecedented study points out biogas as the best option for the region, as it is a fuel produced from organic matter. Biogas could compete perfectly with other sources in government energy auctions, and in the form of bio-methane could replace diesel imports, which would reduce emissions of polluting gases by 85%.

Marcopolo creates new articulated bus with 100% electric technology

Bus manufacturer Marcopolo presents the Attivi Express, its new model of articulated urban bodywork dedicated to electric propulsion chassis. The model is part of the launch of the project of the first light vehicle on 100% electric in Brazil. The supply of the VLPs will be the responsibility of BYD, global leader in the manufacture and commercialisation of electric vehicles, which chose Marcopolo as a partner in the development of this pioneering model in Brazil.

Chuí Complex reduces generation insecurity by 25% in Brazil

The acquisition of the Chuí wind farm will reduce Omega’s annual generation uncertainty by 25%. The generator added 582.8 MW of installed capacity to its portfolio, in Rio Grande do Sul. The assets were controlled by Eletrobras. This was the largest single transaction ever made by Omega, which involved the payment of R$ 568 million ($113 mm) in cash and long-term debt, totalling just over R$ 1.5 billion ($300 mm).

Free-market wind projects aggregate over $4.2 bn in investments

The free-market wind projects under the Special Regime of Incentives for Infrastructure Development (Reidi), from January 2018 to July 2020, represent more than R$ 21 billion ($4.2 bn) in investments, according to a study by ePowerBay. In total, there are 136 wind projects with 4,677 MW of power, distributed in eight Brazilian states.

AES Tietê acquires Ventus Wind Complex for $130 mm

AES Tietê informed that it acquired all the shares of the companies that make up the Ventus Wind Complex (Brasventos Eolo, King of Winds 3 and Miassaba 3), located in the Northeast region, for the total amount of up to R$ 650 million ($130 mm). Of this amount, 51% of R$ 449 million ($89.8 mm) will be paid at the closing of the operation and 49% after five months from completion.

Embraer has billionaire losses of $336 mm

Embraer reported that revenues in its commercial aviation segment, generally the largest and most profitable, dropped 77% to R$563.9 million ($113 mm) in the second quarter due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company reported a net loss of R$1.683 billion ($336 mm) in the quarter, reversing a positive result of R$26.1 million ($5.2 mm) in the same period of 2019.