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Against the world, Brazil may increase carbon emissions in 20%

The fall in global economic activity will make the world reach the goal of reducing gas emissions stipulated by the Paris Agreement. The estimate is that the volume of carbon discharged into the atmosphere will drop 6% globally. Brazil may go against this trend. An analysis made by the Climate Observatory points to an increase of up to 20% in Brazilian emissions, in 2020. The reason is the growth of deforestation in the country.

Emergency aid will impact $ 28 bn

Demand greater than that predicted by the R$ 600 ($ 110) emergency aid raised the forecast for spending on the benefit to R$ 151.5 billion ($ 28 billion). The estimate, however, considers only the payment up to the third instalment, not taking into account a possible extension of the aid. The amount is 54.2% higher than the initial projection of R$ 98.2 billion ($ 18 billion) announced by the government.

Congress approves $ 62 bn credit for government to pay expenses

Congress approved the supplementary credit of R$ 343.6 billion ($ 62 billion) that would allow the federal government to circumvent the so-called golden rule and issue debt to pay expenses with pensions, salaries and social benefits. Most of the R$ 213.7 billion ($ 38 billion) credit is used to pay Social Security benefits, such as retirement and pensions.

Casa dos Ventos advances $ 437 mm in wind project

The developer of renewable generation projects Casa dos Ventos signed a long-term private contract for the sale of energy to the technology company Tivit, in a deal that helps to remove a wind farm in Rio Grande do Norte, estimated at R$ 2.4 billion ($ 437 million). Work on the plant that will meet the contract began in April.

Hapvida increases revenues, but profit falls in the 1st quarter to $ 30 mm

The health services administrator Hapvida saw a strong increase in revenues in the first quarter, but its profit fell in the annual comparison, with the impact of financial expenses and provisions for reimbursement to SUS. The company announced that it had net income of R$ 164.6 million ($ 30 million) from January to March, down 19.9% in comparison with the same stage of 2019.

Quarantine leads agribusiness to contract 5.9%

Brazilian agribusiness contracted 5.6% in March compared to March 2019, already under quarantine effects due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), which elaborates, through its Centre, recently announced. of Agribusiness Studies (GV Agro), the Agroindustrial Production Index (PIMAgro) – Physical Production.

Unidas profit falls 3.6% in the quarter with $ 14 mm

Unidas’ recurring net income ended the quarter with a 3.6% decrease, totalling R$ 79.6 million ($ 14 million). According to the financial result released by the company, in the same quarter of 2019, the amount was R$ 82.5 million ($ 15 million). The company’s net revenue totalled R$ 1.2 billion ($ 218 million) in the first three months of the year and recorded an increase of 17.9%.