BNDES considers to buy equity stakes in companies to help them

Brazil’s state-controlled development bank BNDES expects to finalize aid packages for companies in the auto, airlines, restaurant and energy sectors in May. BNDES president, Gustavo Montezano said that his organisation has an “appetite” to buy equity stakes in Brazilian companies to help them weather the coronavirus crisis, but that those stakes must be temporary.

Source: Reuters

Significant rise in clients in Latin America requesting succession planning: ZEDRA

Wealth management firm Zedra has reported a significant rise in the number of requests from clients based in Latin America, asking for a review of both their succession planning and structuring strategies. While not linked directly to the Covid-19 outbreak, Zedra believes the publicity surrounding the pandemic has acted as a catalyst, prompting clients to review how their estates will be managed.

Source: Wealth Adviser

Brazilian exports to Kuwait were up 20.8% in Q1, reaching $56.96 mn

Brazilian product keeps shipping to Kuwait amid the lockdown, said Brazil’s ambassador to Kuwait Norton Rapesta. Q1 2020 saw $56.96 million in goods exported from Brazil to Kuwait, with poultry comprising over 80% of that. The amount was up 20.8% from Q1 2019. In March alone, exports from Brazil came out to $17.32 million, up 2.6% year-on-year, with poultry products accounting for 90%.

Source: ANBA

Brazilian asset management industry experienced outflows of $5.9bn in March

Brazilian asset managers have had relative success in managing market risk and preserving fund liquidity within their strategies, despite the impact of Coronavirus pandemic. In terms of investment flows, the Brazilian asset management industry experienced aggregate outflows of BRL31 billion ($5.9 billion) during March 2020, representing 0.6% of total asset under management, according to Anbima figures.

Source: FitchRatings

Brazil mineral output drops 17% in Q1

Brazil’s total mineral production fell 17% — 147 million tonnes — in the first three months of 2020 compared to the same period last year, the Brazilian Mining Association (Ibram) reported. In Q1, mining companies in Brazil produced 220 million tonnes, reaching a production value of R$ 36 billion ($6.8 billion), with an emphasis on iron ore (63%) and gold (11%). Iron ore exports fell 16.5%, to 70 million tonnes.