Brazil has potential to be self-sufficient in aviation biofuel

Brazil has the potential to produce biofuel for aviation from organic waste, and even export the product, given the expectation of greater demand with the more intensive demand for decarbonisation. According to the research, it points out a potential of 9 billion litres from sugarcane waste, the wood industry, used cooking oil, bovine tallow and steel mill gases.

Source: Energia Hoje

Azul invests over $288 mm in Campinas

The director of Azul Cargo, said that infrastructure is essential for competitiveness in the cargo transport business. According to the executive, last year the company invested about R$ 2 million ($385 mm) only in infrastructure of its cargo terminal at the airport of Viracopos, in Campinas (SP). The more agility we have in the processes, the more we can deliver, that is why we are investing another R$ 1.5 million ($288 mm) in Campinas this year.

Source: 6 Minutos

Agricultural products become 5% more expensive, says Cepea

In April, the IPPA/CEPEA (Producer Price Index of Agricultural Product Groups) recorded an increase of 5% in nominal terms compared to March 2021. According to information from Cepea, this result reflects the positive variations recorded in the indices IPPA-Grain, up 4.2%; IPPA-Livestock, up 1.6%; and IPPA-Cane-Coffee, with an important advance of 23.2%. On the other hand, in the same comparison, the IPPA-Horticultural products index registered a drop of 7.4%.

Source: Money Times

Trade activity registers a drop of 1.4% in April

Brazilian physical trade sales retreated by 1.4% in April 2021, when compared to the previous month, according to Serasa Experian’s Trade Activity Indicator. The Fabrics, Clothing, Footwear and Accessories segment led the overall drop, with a decline of 18.7%, a result that reveals a decelerating drop for the sector, since in March the fall had been 28.7%.

Source: Valor Investe