Project created by Mufarej and Diniz has granted $13.5 mm of credit to SME’s

The project created by businessman Eduardo Mufarej with the support of Abilio Diniz and other large businessmen, called Stimulus 2020, to offer credit to small and medium-sized in pandemic, announces the balance of the action since May last year. In one year, were granted R$ 70 million ($13.5 mm) in financial support, of which R$ 10 million ($1.92 mm) have already been paid by borrowers.

Source: Folha

BV to finance $15.4 bn in sustainable projects by 2030

Bank BV (formerly Votorantim) committed to finance R$80 billion ($15.4 bn) in sustainable projects until 2030, in its the boldest step so far in its environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments agenda. “This means that we
will practically create another entire BV in sustainable projects by 2030,” CEO Gabriel Ferreira said. In 2020, sustainable projects financed by BV totalled R$4.5 billion ($865mm), and the bank’s total portfolio currently stands at R$72.2 billion ($13.8 bn). Thus, the sustainable portfolio would increase from just over 6% to almost 33% of the total.

Source: Valor International