Delta sets up ESG fund in clean energy sector

Delta Energia Administração de Recursos, manager of the Delta Energia group, plans to set up a fund of projects in the power industry that have good social, environmental and governance practices (known as ESG). The expectation is to raise about R$1 billion ($192 mm) with the launch, likely to aim at qualified investors. The initiative is part of the firm’s efforts to raise R$5 billion ($962 mm) in five years.

Source: Valor International

Government allocates more $1 bn for Covid-19 vaccines

President Jair Bolsonaro issued a provisional measure, to allocate more R$ 5.5 billion ($1 bn) for production, supply and distribution of doses of vaccines against Covid-19, said the federal government in a statement. The government had already issued last year another provisional measure that provided for the allocation of R$ 20 billion ($3.7 bn) for the purchase of vaccines against Covid.

Source: Money Times