Petrobras signs to sell thermoelectric plants for $17.2 mm

Petrobras signed with the São Francisco Energia, a subsidiary of Global Participações em Energia, a contract for the sale of three thermoelectric plants (UTE) powered by fuel oil, located in Camaçari (BA). The so-called Polo Camaçari TPPs were negotiated at R$ 95 million ($17.2 mm), the amount does not take into account the adjustments foreseen in the contract until the closing of the transaction. The thermoelectric plants include Arembepe, Bahia 1 and Muricy, with total installed capacity of 329 megawatts (MW).

Source: Valor International

Brazil has 13 GW in solar plants licensed until January

There are more than 13 GW in solar plants granted in Brazil until January this year, with 63% already having signed energy purchase and sale contracts. The survey points out that 50% of these ventures did not participate in the 2019 auctions, demonstrating the interest of developers in the free contracting environment. In contrast, of the 4.6 GW of plants that are destined for the regulated market, 34% have not entered into operation.

Source: Energia Hoje

Lack of towers affects telecoms operators

Even amid the pandemic, the telecommunications industry invested R$31.1 billion ($5.6 bn) in Brazil last year and is expected to maintain this level in 2021. The largest chunk has been used to improve Internet speed, what also depends on legislation by municipalities allowing the installation of towers, according to Conexis Brasil Digital, an organisation representing telecom operators. “Without towers there is no signal”. 

Source: Valor International