States allocate $300mm to help small companies

States have been resorting to their own funds to fill the gap created by the lack of a formal proposal from the federal government to reissue aid programs for micro and small businesses. In the absence of programs such as BEm and Pronampe to alleviate the effects of the pandemic, state governments are offering extraordinary lines of credit or emergency aid. At least 15 have already offered or announced some kind of relief measure, totalling R$1.7 billion ($300 mm).

Source: Valor International

IHARA invests $1 mm in agribusiness sustainability project

IHARA, a research and development company specialising in pesticides, will continue in 2021 supporting the adoption of good agricultural practices and the correct and safe use of pesticides through the Cultivida project. This year, the company will invest approximately R$5.5 million ($1 mm) and 300,000 individual protection equipment will be distributed to farmers, in addition to providing information on the correct use of its products.

Source: Portal do Agronegocio

Mango exports hit record and reaches $246 mm in 2020

The export of mangoes from Brazil hit a record in 2020, reaching $246.9 million in sales, a value 10% higher than the previous year, according to the Mango Market Observatory of Embrapa – PE. The positive scenario was a consequence of the decrease in fruit productivity in competing countries, such as Spain, the expansion of the US market and the exchange rate, which was favourable to producers, according to the institution.

Source: G1 Economia