BNDES suspends loan collection for small business

The National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES) confirmed on Thursday, 29, that will reissue the suspension of debt collection from small and micro enterprises. The measure affects companies with annual turnover of up to R$ 4.8 million ($870k). BNDES estimates that about 100 thousand companies may benefit. With the suspension for six months, R$ 2.9 billion ($527 mm) will no longer be collected, according to the bank’s calculations.

Source: UOL Economia

Petrobras sells stake in NTS for $328 mm

Petrobras approved the sale for R$ 1.8 billion ($328 mm) of its remaining 10% stake in Nova Transportadora do Sudeste S.A. to Nova Infraestrutura Gasodutos Participações, a company formed by Nova Infraestrutura Fundo de Investimentos em Participações Multiestratégia, an investment fund managed by Brookfield Brasil Asset Management Investimentos Ltda., and by Itaúsa S.A., the current controlling shareholders of NTS.

Source: Canal Energia

Brazil struggles to sell high-tech products

Exports of high technology products totalled $1.35 bn in the first quarter and had the second worst result for the period since official records began, in 2010, according to analysis by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI). The value is only better than that seen in the first quarter of 2020, when world demand was already weakened by the effects of the pandemic.

Source: Valor International

Santos terminal receives 16% more cargo via rail with advance in agro

The total cargo handled at Tiplam (Terminal Integrador Portuário Luiz Antonio Mesquita), in Baixada Santista, showed growth of 16.3% in 2020, compared to the previous year, with the boost in grain and sugar transport by rail. Managed by concessionaire VLI, the Santos terminal handled 12.6 million tons of grains, sugar and fertilisers last year.

Source: SP Investe

Tereos’ “green” credit in Brazil now amounts to $181 mm

Brazil’s second largest sugar producer, Tereos Açúcar e Energia Brasil, the sugar and energy arm of French co-operative Tereos, agreed new credit operations related to environmental sustainability projects and criteria last month and ended the last sugar and ethanol harvest (2020/21) with more than R$1 billion ($181 mm) in “green” financing, an amount equivalent to almost a third of its entire debt.

Source: Portal do Agronegocio

Privatization of the Correios should happen in 2022, estimates BNDES

The privatisation of the Post Office should only happen in 2022, said the director of BNDES Leonardo Cabral, who estimates that at least 70% of the company’s capital is offered to the private sector. The idea is that the Union is only with a minority stake in the company to not hinder the competition and the operation of the company.

Source: Money Times