With fall in GDP, economy reaches level of early 2019

With the 4.1% drop in 2020 in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the sum of all goods and services produced in the country, Brazil reached, at the end of last year, the level equivalent to that recorded between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. In comparison with the last quarter of 2019, the pre-pandemic period, the economy was 1.2% below that period.

Source: Money Times

Retailers in SP will have a loss of $1.9 bn in the period of the restriction

FecomercioSP calculates that the migration of the State of São Paulo to the restriction rules of the red phase of the SP Plan will cause an average loss in the month of around R$ 11 billion ($1.9 bn). The figure, according to the entity, is similar to the measured impacts of the average monthly decline in April and May of last year. In the capital city alone, FecomercioSP estimates an average loss of R$ 6 billion ($1 bn) for the month being measured.

Source: Agencia Estado

Cerrado conservation projects may receive up to $30,000

Associations and cooperatives operating in the Cerrado region may receive up to $ 30K (about R$ 160,000) to develop projects to strengthen governance and minimize the negative impacts of the covid-19 pandemic in these territories. Entities that fit into the concept of Territories and Areas Conserved by Indigenous and Local Communities (TICCA) are eligible for the program.

Source: Agencia Brasil

Revenues estimate for the Budget rises to almost $286 bn

The Joint Budget Committee (CMO) changed the revenue estimate for the Union Budget in 2021 and added R$ 35.3 billion ($6.3 bn) to the proposal presented by the federal government in the Annual Budget Bill (Ploa) this year. With the changes, the resource forecast for the primary revenue of the Executive increases 2.3%, to R$ 1.595 trillion ($286 bn).

Source: Correio Braziliense

Enegix signs with Ceará state green hydrogen project for $5.4 bn

Enegix Energy has announced the Base One green hydrogen project in cooperation with the Government of Ceará, with an investment of $5.4 billion. Under the terms of the memorandum, Enegix will create the world’s largest green hydrogen plant, which will produce more than 600,000 tons of green hydrogen per year from 3.4 GW of power from combined wind and solar projects.

Source: Canal Energia