ANP biodiesel auction negotiates 1.3 billion litres and moves $1.12 bn

The 78th biodiesel auction of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) negotiated about 1.3 billion litres, in a volume that aims to meet the demands of March and April. As of March 1, the mandatory mixture of biodiesel in diesel in Brazil will be 13%, compared to 12% currently. The tender obtained an average price of R$ 4.708 ($0.856) per litre of biofuel, without considering the acquirer’s margin, which led to a turnover of R$6.15 billion ($1.12 bn), according to a statement by the ANP.

Source: Money Times

Vale reverses loss and profits $4.8 bn in 2020

Vale reported that reversed the loss of R$ 6.6 billion calculated in 2019 and recorded a profit of R$ 26.7 billion ($4.8 bn) last year. In the fourth quarter, the mining company recorded R$4, 825 billion ($877 mm) of profit, compared to a loss of R$ 6.408 billion ($1.16 bn) in the same period last year. The mining company’s net operating revenue totalled R$208.5 billion ($37.8 bn) in 2020, an increase of R$59.9 ($10.9 bn) billion compared to 2019.

Source: G1 Economia

Norway withdraw $2.7 bn from Brazil

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, cut about $2.7 bn from investments in Brazil last year, while excluding mining giant Vale and power utility Eletrobras from its portfolio. The Norwegian fund held $9.6 bn in Brazil as of December 2019, including $7.6 bn in stocks of 136 companies and $2 bn in fixed income. In the balance of 2020, investments in 151 Brazilian companies stood at $5.5 bn, while investments in fixed income stood at $1.45 bn.

Source: Valor International

Government will launch MEI Truck Driver with revenues up to $54 k

The Government intends to launch the program Microempreendedor Individual (MEI) Trucker that will allow workers in the category can have an annual turnover of up to R$ 300 thousands ($54 k). It is worth remembering that the normal MEI ceiling in 2021 is R$ 81 thousand ($14.7 k). The MEI trucker will allow members of the category to pay a tax rate of 11% on the minimum wage.

Source: Jornal Contabil