ANP biodiesel auction negotiates 1.3 billion litres and moves $1.12 bn

The 78th biodiesel auction of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) negotiated about 1.3 billion litres, in a volume that aims to meet the demands of March and April. As of March 1, the mandatory mixture of biodiesel in diesel in Brazil will be 13%, compared to 12% currently. The tender obtained an average price of R$ 4.708 ($0.856) per litre of biofuel, without considering the acquirer’s margin, which led to a turnover of R$6.15 billion ($1.12 bn), according to a statement by the ANP.

Source: Money Times

Vale reverses loss and profits $4.8 bn in 2020

Vale reported that reversed the loss of R$ 6.6 billion calculated in 2019 and recorded a profit of R$ 26.7 billion ($4.8 bn) last year. In the fourth quarter, the mining company recorded R$4, 825 billion ($877 mm) of profit, compared to a loss of R$ 6.408 billion ($1.16 bn) in the same period last year. The mining company’s net operating revenue totalled R$208.5 billion ($37.8 bn) in 2020, an increase of R$59.9 ($10.9 bn) billion compared to 2019.

Source: G1 Economia

Norway withdraw $2.7 bn from Brazil

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, cut about $2.7 bn from investments in Brazil last year, while excluding mining giant Vale and power utility Eletrobras from its portfolio. The Norwegian fund held $9.6 bn in Brazil as of December 2019, including $7.6 bn in stocks of 136 companies and $2 bn in fixed income. In the balance of 2020, investments in 151 Brazilian companies stood at $5.5 bn, while investments in fixed income stood at $1.45 bn.

Source: Valor International

Government will launch MEI Truck Driver with revenues up to $54 k

The Government intends to launch the program Microempreendedor Individual (MEI) Trucker that will allow workers in the category can have an annual turnover of up to R$ 300 thousands ($54 k). It is worth remembering that the normal MEI ceiling in 2021 is R$ 81 thousand ($14.7 k). The MEI trucker will allow members of the category to pay a tax rate of 11% on the minimum wage.

Source: Jornal Contabil

With $18.2 mm in FCO resources, Dourados will have a corn ethanol plant

Inpasa Agroindustrial foresees investments of over R$ 500 million ($91 mm) in the implementation of the industry that will also produce DDG and derivatives. Of the total amount invested, R$ 100 million ($18.2 mm) will come from the FCO (Fundo Constitucional de Financiamento do Centro-Oeste). The company, which has units in Paraguay and Mato Grosso, expects to generate 200 direct jobs and another 150 indirect jobs in the initial phase. With almost two years of construction work, the plant should start operating at the end of 2022.

Source: Portal do Agronegocio

BNDES makes up $2.1 bn with sale of the last shares of Vale

BNDES closed its equity stake in the mining company, in operations that, since the beginning of 2021, totalled R$ 11.2 billion ($2.1 bn) on the São Paulo Stock Exchange. Since August last year, the financial institution has sold a total of R$ 24 billion ($4.3 bn) in shares in the mining company. A relevant part of this sale was possible after the end of Vale’s shareholders’ agreement, to which the bank was linked, and which ended in November 2020.

Source: 6 Minutos

Mercedes-Benz confirms scheduled investment of $436 mm in Brazil until 2022

Mercedes-Benz confirmed on Wednesday scheduled investment of R$2.4 billion ($436 mm) in Brazil until 2022, said the president for Latin America of the German truck and bus maker, Karl Deppen. In a presentation to journalists, the executive said that Brazil in 2020 was the largest Mercedes-Benz truck market in the world, with a 20% share in the group’s sales.

Source: Money Times