Ford’s departure from Brazil will have a $4.1bn impact

Ford’s decision to shut down production in Brazil will have a financial impact of approximately $4.1 billion in non-recurring expenses, according to information released by the automaker. Of the total, approximately $2.5 billion will have a direct impact on the cash flow of the U.S. group, mostly related to compensation, termination, agreements and other payments. Another $1.6 billion will come from the accounting impact attributed to the write-off of tax credits, accelerated depreciation and amortisation of fixed assets.

Source: UOL

Banks add $620 bn in credit during pandemic

With the stimulus programs created by the government during the crisis, banks have accumulated R$3.4 trillion ($620 bn) in credit concessions between March and December. The estimate is from Febraban, which puts into account figures already released by the Central Bank (BC) for the period between March and November, which total R$3.1 trillion ($563 bn), and a projection for the December results, of R$313.8 billion ($57 mm).

Source: Agencia Estado

Revenues from coffee in Brazil reach more than $6.2 bn

The Gross Production Value (GVP) of Brazil’s coffee plantations, which corresponds to the total turnover of both arabica and conilon crops, reached R$34.04 billion ($6.2 bn) in 2020. Conilon coffee, with revenues of R$ 5.84 billion ($1.1 bn), accounted for about 17% of this revenue and Arabica coffee, which reached R$ 28.2 billion ($5.1 bn), accounted for 83% of the total. Based on these figures, it can be seen that coffee farming accounts for approximately 5.7% of the total turnover of Brazilian crops, which places the coffee sector in fifth place in the VBP ranking.

Source: Portal do Agronegocio