Public debt due in 2021 already reaches $262bn

The National Treasury begins 2021 with a trillion-dollar bill to be paid to investors. The debt due this year already totalled R$ 1.31 trillion ($262 bn) at the end of November, an amount that should grow with the incorporation of more interest. The challenge comes in a decisive year to dictate the course of reforms considered essential for the country’s fiscal balance.

Source: R7

Anvisa approves Fiocruz import of 2 million doses of vaccine against COVID-19

Anvisa has approved the exceptional import of 2 million doses by Fiocruz of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca in partnership with Oxford University. The import is considered exceptional because the immunising agent has not yet been submitted for emergency use or sanitary registration, Anvisa said in a statement.

Source: Reuters