Brazil’s GDP has 24th highest growth among major global economies

The advance of 7.7% of the Brazilian GDP in the third quarter placed the country’s performance in the middle of the table among the major global economies: 24th highest growth among 47 countries that have already released their results from July to September. The performance in the ranking is similar to that of the second quarter, when the Brazilian economy had a 9.6% retraction. At that time, the result was worse than that of 22 countries.

Source: Portal do Agronegocio

Treasury disbursed $129 mm to pay debts of governments and municipalities

The National Treasury needed to disburse R$ 647.29 million ($129 mm) to honour bank debts with guarantees from the Union that were not paid by state governments and municipalities last month. The amount refers almost entirely to debts of R$ 639.25 million ($127 mm) in the state of Rio de Janeiro. From January to November, the Treasury has already bankrolled R$ 7.792 billion ($1.5 bn) in loans from states and municipalities.

Source: UOL Economia

Industry turnover rises 2.2% in October, says CNI

The real invoicing of the industry (discounting the inflation) has grown 2,2% in October facing September, informed the National Confederation of Industry (CNI). The percentage already takes into account seasonal adjustments. It was the sixth consecutive month of growth. After the strong low at the beginning of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the industry’s invoicing accumulates high of 49% from April to October.

Source: R7