ESG will change the Brazilian stock market, says Itaú’s chief economist

In Brazil, investors are also giving more importance to ESG criteria and this will change the stock market in the coming years, assesses Mário Mesquita. This movement should happen as investors “reward” companies with high ESG standards and practices. The share of these sectors in the stock market tends to grow, making the stock market more balanced and less concentrated in a carbon-intensive sector.

Source: Valor Investe

Government will privatise services of transposition of the San Francisco in 2021

The government plans to hold the auction for the transposition of the San Francisco River in July 2021. The winning company will take care of the operation of the reservoirs, pumping stations and 447Km of canals in the Northeast. Investments in the project have already reached R$10.8 billion ($2 bn) and the total value for completion is estimated at R$12 billion ($2.2 bn).

Source: Folha

Startup produces biodegradable cups and packaging made of cassava

Sustainable consumption is among the top three factors in purchasing decisions for a third of Brazilians. The packaging is the creation of a São Paulo startup that uses for its production a very Brazilian ingredient: Cassava. The factory uses the starch from manioc brava, which is not fit for human consumption, in its production, transforming the starch into a 100% ecological packaging.

Source: G1

Embraer and EDP Brazil enter into a partnership for an electric airplane

Embraer and EDP Brasil announced a partnership for electric aircraft research, with the energy company making a contribution for the acquisition of the technology solution for energy storage and recharging the 100% electric propulsion aircraft. The prototype, an EMB-203 Ipanema, is already under development and has the first flight scheduled for 2021.

Source: Agencia Estado