Business Confidence Index grows 4.78% in November, says FecomercioSP

The November Trade Business Confidence Index (ICEC) grew 4.78% compared to October, FecomercioSP reported. It is the fifth consecutive improvement in the margin index. The improvement was driven by growth in its three components as well. The Current Conditions Index (ICAEC) advanced 7.38%, while the Expectations Index (IEEC) grew 2.64% and the Investment Index (IIEC) rose 6.59.

Source: UOL Economia

RenovaBio reaches 15 million CBios; distributors bought 56% of the target

The Renovabio programme, which sets targets for decarbonisation in fuel distribution, has reached the mark of 15 million validated decarbonisation credits (CBios), the ANP reported. That amount guarantees the availability of CBios for total compliance with the target of 14.9 million credits established by the government for 2019 and 2020.

Source: Money Times

São Paulo and Santa Catarina reach expressive marks in distributed solar generation

São Paulo state has surpassed the mark of 500 MW operating in distributed generation from the solar source, points out ABSOLAR. With this, SP assumed the second position in the state ranking of photovoltaic GD in Brazil. The same mapping indicates that Santa Catarina surpassed the mark of 200 MW operating in GD and occupies the seventh position in the same ranking.

Source: Portal Solar

Santander Brazil now offers special financing for electric vehicles

Santander Brasil announced special conditions for financing hybrid and electric cars in the country, together with its online classified vehicle portal Webmotors. The financing division of the institution will offer rates starting at 0.77% per month for purchases of these cars, with payment plans of 24 to 60 instalments, the bank said.

Source: Noticias Agricolas