Brazil to reveal countries that import illegal wood from the Amazon

President Bolsonaro will reveal which countries would be importing illegal wood from the Amazon and contributing to the deforestation. According to the president, many of the countries that criticise Brazil for deforestation of the Amazon are part of this list that illegally imports Brazilian wood. “I believe that after we reveal this, these practices will diminish a lot in our Amazon,” he said.

Source: Portal Agronegocio

Brics Summit exposes differences and cracks between Brazil and China

Bolsonaro cited that Brazil was “in tune” with the rest of the countries in the search for a vaccine for Covid-19, after Xi Jinping emphasised that China is one of the countries at the forefront of the research. The two presidents’ speech clearly marked the differences that have increasingly separated China and Brazil, despite the intense trade relationship – the Asian country is Brazil’s main importer.

Source: UOL Economia