Micro and small companies hire 443,000 in third quarter

Micro and small companies show a recovery after the worst period of the economic crisis. The segment was the one that fired the most at the worst time of the pandemic in Brazil, closing just over 1 million jobs. However, micro and small companies generated 443,000 jobs in July, August, and September, while the largest created 245,000 jobs in the same period.

Source: Money Times

Industrial production and eliminates losses from the pandemic

Industrial production in Brazil advanced for the fifth month in a row. In September, growth was 2.6%, IBGE reported. According to the institute, with the September result, the sector managed to eliminate the 27.1 % losses accumulated in March and April, in the most acute phase of the new coronavirus pandemic in the country where activities were paralysed.

Source: Veja

Chinese Electric CGN wants to triple assets in Brazil by 2024

The Chinese electricity company CGN wants to triple its generation capacity in Brazil in the next few years, which should include the construction of wind and solar power plants and the acquisition of new and operating projects, a group executive said. CGN’s planned contributions to reach its target for 2024 in Brazil are expected to total around R$11 billion ($1.9 bn).

Source: UOL Economia

Fintech boosts funding for residential solar energy in Brazil

Through a digital platform that unites about 2500 solar energy integrators with potential new consumers, Solfácil is a startup that offers credit lines to replace the monthly electricity bill with an investment in a photovoltaic system, where partners execute the project and customer pays in up to ten years, with interest at around 1%, and can produce energy practically for free after the period of discharge of the contribution

Source: Canal Energia