Revenues from the tourism sector in Brazil are down by 33.6%

Brazil’s tourism sector turnover was R$70.4 billion from January to August 2020, a reduction of 33.6% compared to the same period in 2019. The survey is by Fecomercio-SP, based on data from IBGE. In the period analysed, the sector’s negative result was boosted by the drop in air travel (68.8% retraction) and by accommodation and food services (43.2% decrease).

Source: Agencia Brasil

67% of the generation added in 2019 came from solar and wind

According to BloombergNEF’s Power Transition Trends 2020 report in 2010 the share of renewable sources in new energy installations was less than 25%. That figure jumped to 67% in 2019. The analysis follows detailed data on installed capacity and power generation over the past decade. The data compiled by BNEF analysts are obtained directly from primary sources in the countries on the agenda and are the most current as of 2019.

Source: Portal Solar

Aneel opens public consultation on hybrid plant regulation in Brazil

Aneel opened the first phase of a public consultation on the regulation of hybrid and associated plants in Brazil. Hybrid plants can add efficiency gains to the electrical system, with complementary generation, optimised grid use and reduced operating costs. Initial calculations project to expand current installed capacity from 109 GW to 128 GW.

Source: Money Times

Brazil’s industrial confidence reaches its peak since 2011

Industrial confidence in Brazil rose in October to its highest level in more than nine years, a survey showed as the sector continues to rebound strongly from the coronavirus closures and leads the economic recovery. The increase was mainly due to the positive business outlook in the current situation, with the sub-index climbing 5.9 points to 113.2, while the expectations index gained 2.2 points to 108.1, according to FGV.

Source: ES Investing