Agro exports reach $77.9 billion from January to September

The Brazilian agribusiness exportations were $77,9 bn from January to September of this year, a 7,5% high in relation to the same period last year. Imports totalized $9,2 bn. Thus, the agribusiness obtained a record surplus of $ 68.7 bn for the accumulated nine months, according to the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA).

Source: Portal Agronegocio

São Paulo announces $1 bn investment in railroads

The São Paulo government announced investments of R$ 6 billion ($1 bn) to restructure the state’s railroad network.  The undertaking will be realised by Rumo Logistica Group and will attend 72 cities of São Paulo. Among the planned works are the recovery of two branches that were deactivated: Colombia-Pradópolis (185.6 km) and Panorama-Bauru (369.1 km), towards the Port of Santos.

Source: Money Times

Hydroelectric plants will have an extra year in concessions

With a task force that included calculations of the last holiday, the CCEE concluded this week the preliminary calculations of the extension of the concession term of the hydroelectric plants with contracts in the free market and with debts related to hydrological risk. The calculations project an extension of 423 concessions with an average of 500 days

Source: Energia Hoje