Gross Value of Minas Gerais’ Agricultural Production should reach $15 bn

The Gross Production Value (GVP) of agriculture and cattle raising in Minas Gerais should reach, in 2020, R$ 87 billion ($15 bn), registering growth of 21.9% in relation to the previous year. The indicator represents an estimate of income generation in rural areas and its calculation is made by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), based on data from the IBGE.

Source: Noticias Agricolas

Mercado Livre targets new investment record in Brazil

The Argentinean group MercadoLibre is raising its focus on Latin America, with plans to reach a new investment record in Brazil by 2021. The company is disbursing a record R$ 4 billion ($714 mm) this year in Brazil and expects to surpass this mark in 2021. The plan is part of a broader effort to strengthen the logistics infrastructure where the Covid-19 pandemic drives online sales.

Source: Money Times