Approved MP of $3.6 bn for small companies in Brazil

The Senate approved Provisional Measure (MP) 977/2020, which opened an extraordinary credit of R$ 20 billion ($3.6 bn) for the Union to guarantee loans to companies with gross revenues between R$ 360 thousand and R$ 300 million ($65k – $55mm). The initial contribution will be R$ 5 billion ($910mm) and the following instalments will occur according to the demand of the credit market for guarantees.

Source: Money Times

Northeast has new wind generation record, reaching 10,204 MW

The Northeast of Brazil registered a new record in wind power generation, reaching 10,204 MW. The amount was enough to supply 101% of the energy demand of all the states that make up the region, corresponding to a capacity factor of approximately 79%. The wind source has been monitored by ONS since 2006, currently representing 9.1% of the entire Brazilian electric matrix.

Source: Canal Energia

French Voltalia sells 33% of wind farm in Rio Grande do Norte

The French electric company Voltalia announced the sale of a 33% stake in its wind farm Ventos Serra do Mel III, in Rio Grande do Norte, to the Stoa infrastructure investment fund. The complex involved in the deal, which will have 152 megawatts of capacity and is currently under construction, closed the sale of future production to the Cemig electric power station in 20-year contracts.

Source: UOL Economia