Pandemic withdraws $2.3bn in investments in Brazil

With public investment squeezed by the fiscal crisis, infrastructure contributions are expected to total R$ 124.6 billion ($24bn) in 2020, almost the same as in 2019. According to a study by Inter.B Consultancy, it is estimated that the pandemic could decrease this year by about 10%, or about R$ 12 billion ($2.3bn) will no longer be invested because of interruptions or postponement of plans.

Source: UOL Economia

Privatisation of the electric CEB-D have a minimum price of $273 mm

The auction for the privatisation of the electricity company CEB Distribuição (CEB-D), responsible for supply in the Federal District, should have a minimum price of R$1.42 billion ($273 mm) for all the company’s shares. The price was defined by the average of two economic and financial evaluations of the electric company prepared by independent consultants hired by BNDES, which advises on the privatisation process.

Source: Money Times

Pandemic leads to a 66% drop in Amazon tourism revenues

The tourism sector in Amazonas registered a 66% drop in revenues due to the isolation measures adopted as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. The sector also recorded a 72% reduction in tourism agency revenues and a 70% reduction in the area of lodging. The data is part of the Tourism Survey for Covid-19 to assess the effects of the health crisis on state tourism. 

Source: Agencia Brasil