Brazil gained 1 million MEIs since the beginning of the pandemic

According to data from the Entrepreneur’s Portal, the total number of MEI registrations reached 10.775 million on September, compared with 9.788 million on March. In the year, Brazil has already gained more than 1.3 million new micro-entrepreneurs. The contingent of 10.8 million MEIs is already equivalent to more than a third of the number of jobs with a signed contract in the country.

Source: G1

Biodiesel Auction trades 8.5 million litres, says ANP

The complementary biodiesel auction negotiated a total of 8.5 million litres of renewable fuel to meet the mandatory blend in diesel, the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) reported. The average price of R$5.723 per litre represented an average premium of 38.13% compared to the weighted average of the maximum regional reference prices and a 25% advance compared to the previous auction.

Source: Money Times

Unemployment increases 39.7% in Brazil and affects 13.7 million people

The number of unemployed in the country grew 39.7% between the beginning of May and the end of August, raising the number of unemployed in Brazil to a record level during the pandemic of 13.7 million Brazilians, showed IBGE’s Pnad Covid. In early May, the survey registered 9.8 million unemployed people in the country.

Source: Reuters

Brazilian producers make $440 mm from fruit exports

According to the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock, agribusiness exports reached $61.2 billion and almost 132 million tons in the first half of this year. In the case of the fruits, sales totalled $ 440 million. The president of Abrafrutas, says the goal is to reach $1 billion in fruit exports this year. He points out that one of the assets is the quality of Brazilian merchandise.

Source: G1