Lower-interest credit for micro-entrepreneurs moves $1.3 mm in Brazil

A partnership between the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and the Caixa made it viable to sign 35 contracts worth a total of R$ 7 million ($1.3 mm), with the support for micro and small entrepreneurs throughout the country. Among the benefits, the financing lines made it possible to reduce interest by up to 28% and a grace period of up to 60 months for payment.

Source: Valor Investe

Raízen negotiates purchase of Biosev, including potential $1.4bn debt payment extension

Biosev said it is negotiating the sale of its operations to Raízen Energia. Raízen has 26 plants and Biosev controls eight units. If the acquisition occurred, Raízen would have 34 plants, including a mill equivalent to 15% of South Central sugarcane production in 2019/20. A debt restructuring would be on the table that would see a possible extension of payments of $1.4 bn in debt from Biosev.

Source: Portal do Agronegocio

CBio marketing breaks record after review of 2020 targets

The sale of decarbonisation credits (CBios) for fuel distributors in Brazil has seen a significant increase after the government published revised targets for 2020, the Sugarcane Industry Union (Unica) said. According to a statement, the amount of CBios on the stock market rose by 1.11 million in the first half of September, whilst negotiations for distributors reached a record 321,600 credits in the period.

Source: Money Times

Agribusiness and NGOs present six actions package to contain deforestation in the Amazon

A coalition of 230 representatives of agribusiness, NGOs and other sectors presented to President Bolsonaro and other federal authorities a package of six actions to seek a rapid and permanent reduction of deforestation in Brazil, especially in the Legal Amazon. The document with the actions suggests that the reduction of deforestation in the short term – “in a few months” is of fundamental importance for the country.

Source: Ambiente Brasil

Emerging markets show first signs of expansion

Emerging countries have shown their first signs of expansion since the outbreak of the coronavirus, according to a growth indicator from the International Finance Institute (IIF). The IIF estimates that the recovery is mainly due to improved trade data. Also, purchasing manager indices (PMIs) suggest that the recovery of emerging economies will continue next month.

Source: UOL Economia