Industry in Brazil grows 8% in July

National industrial production grew for the third consecutive month, up 8% in July compared to the previous month, after expanding in May (8.7%) and June (9.7%). For the first time in the historical series started in 2002, 25 out of 26 sectors showed a positive rate. The result, however, does not eliminate the 27% loss accumulated in March and April, when it reflected the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: Money Times

Government to stimulate 4.0 technologies for agribusiness

The Ministries of Agriculture, Economy and Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) launch the Agro 4.0 programme. According to a statement, R$ 4.8 million ($905k) will be invested in 14 pilot projects. The objective of the program is to promote, through these technologies, an increase in efficiency and productivity, and a reduction in costs in Brazilian agribusiness.

Source: Isto É

For Shell, the new Brazilian gas law is an important step for economic activity

The approval of the new milestone in the natural gas sector by the Chamber of Deputies was considered an excellent step by the president of Shell in Brazil, André Araújo. According to the executive, Brazil needs gas-fired power plants to meet energy demand in an increasingly renewable energy matrix. There is a need for further improvements in energy auctions in the vision of the president of Shell.

Source: Canal Energia