Month: September 2020

Copel starts $ 2.9 mm power generation projects

Copel initiated two new R&D projects: one in the area of civil design of hydroelectric power plants, and the other aimed at assessing mercury emissions in thermal power plants, contributing to meeting the guidelines of the Minamata Convention. The total budget for the two initiatives is R$15.7 million ($2,9mm).

Industrial activity reaches 71% and shows recovery

Industrial activity continues to recover and is already at pre-crisis level, according to the National Confederation of Industry (CNI). Installed Capacity Utilisation (UCI) reached 71%. This is the highest percentage for the month since 2014, when the ICU stood at 72%. The rate of increase in the number of employees reached 53.8 points in August.

Amerisolar and MRV will supply solar energy on site

Amerisolar, a multinational company specialised in the production of photovoltaic panels and the construction company MRV, have just entered into a partnership to supply equipment in several ongoing projects. In this way, the process will allow more savings and environmental preservation in the coming years. The companies will supply equipment for more than 30 developments in the country.

US will release extra share for 80,000 t of sugar from Brazil

The US reported that Brazil will have an additional preferential share of 80,000 tonnes to export sugar to the US in return for recent negotiations involving the extension of a tariff free ethanol import that benefits the US. This will increase the quota for Brazilian sugar in the US from 230,000 to 310,000 tonnes and, by law, will benefit only producers in the Northeast.

Railway will connect Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul

The federal government issued a decree that qualifies the Estrada de Ferro de Paraná Oeste (Ferroeste) in the Partnership and Investment Program (PPI) and creates the project’s governance committee. The goal is to increase the length of the railway, forming 1,370 km and reaching Maracaju, in Mato Grosso do Sul. There is an initial estimate of total investment of about R$ 8 billion ($1.5bn).

Inter Bank joins UN Global Compact

Banco Inter has become a member of the UN Global Compact Brazil Network. The bank signed a declaration aimed at global cooperation among business leaders to promote sustainable business practices. Banco Inter is allowed to act in local and international programs focused on several areas, such as Water, Food and Agriculture, Anti-Corruption, Human Rights and Labor, Energy and Climate.

Orizon to begin construction of Barueri URE in 2021

Orizon Valorização de Resíduos intends to start the construction of the Energy Recovery Unit (URE) of Barueri, in São Paulo, in the first half of 2021. The company will invest R$ 350 million ($64mm) in the project of waste to energy by combustion. The plant will have 20 MW of installed capacity and will use 875 tons of waste per day to generate electricity through direct burning of waste.