Month: August 2020

Amazon Startups boost bioeconomy

The universe of startups that is born in the Amazon with focus on sustainable activities can be an example to foster the bioeconomy. The green, or low carbon, economy should help the Amazon Region – which represents about 60% of the Brazilian territory – to make a step in its participation in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which currently stands at only 8%.

Brazil confiscates 70,000 tons of illegally manganese

Brazil seized 70,000 tons of illegally extracted manganese that would be shipped to China. The National Mining Agency (ANM) confiscated the ore valued at R$60 million ($11 mm). ANM reported that the seizure took place in the port of Vila do Conde, near the city of Belém, in the northern state of Pará.

Port of Santos leads soybean exports from Brazil

According to data from the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex) of the Ministry of Economy, the port of Santos led shipments of Brazilian soybeans in the month and leads the year-to-date. From January to June 2020, it was 21.069 million tons. In second place is the port of Paranaguá (PR), which totalled 1.776 million tons in July and totalled 10.866 million tons in the year.

Omega Generation buys wind power in Bahia by $120 mm

Renewable energy company Omega Geração announced the acquisition of 50% in wind farms of the French company EDF Renewables in Bahia, in addition to negotiations for the possible acquisition of new projects. The deal for the complexes reaches a total of 182.6 MW in capacity and was valued at R$ 661.7 million ($120 mm).

$300 mm commitment places Gol under pressure

Gol, are under 15 days away from honouring a $300 million commitment to Delta Airlines. With cash increasingly tight, with no money from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) and private banks turning off the credit line, risk agencies Fitch and S&P have already passed the message: the company will need to restructure its liabilities.

Brazilian agro exports break record of $61.2 bn in 2020

Brazilian agribusiness exports reached US$ 61.2 billion and 131.5 million tons from January to July 2020, a new record for the period. Compared to the first seven months of last year, the growth reached was 9.2% in value and 17% in quantity exported. The analysis of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA) is based on data released by the Ministry of Economy.

Brazilian solar energy shows tendency to grow in 2020

The Brazilian distributed solar generation market shows signs of recovery in the second half of the year, after suffering the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, points out a study by Greener. Of the 2,104 companies interviewed, 25% said they had not made any sales in the first half of 2020. Of these companies, 29% began operations that year. Already 11% of the integrators declared to have sold more than 500 kW in the last 6 months.

Brazil’s sugar production should advance 32%

Brazil’s sugar production in the 2020/21 season is expected to reach 39.33 million tons, a 32% increase compared to the previous season, projected by the state-owned Companhia Nacional do Abastecimento (Conab). The projection was high compared to Conab’s first estimate for the cycle, in May, when sugar production was seen at 35.3 million tons.

Araxá Energia plans to invest $80 mm in solar GD

Araxá Energia’s business plan plans to invest R$ 450 million ($80 mm) in the construction of 150 MW of installed capacity in the remote generation mode by the end of 2022. The remote generation business model for lease is characterised by plants between 1 and 5 MW. The first 5 MW are planned to start construction in January 2021, with investments estimated between R$ 15 and R$ 20 million. ($2.6 and $3.6 mm)