Day: August 17, 2020

Copel sells 162 MW in solar and wind energy

The Companhia Paranaense de Energia (Copel) held a solar and wind energy auction, through which it sold 162 average MW for a period of 13 years, starting supplies in January 2023. The projects that won the auction total 595 MW of installed capacity, 184 MW of which were wind and 411 MW solar.

With pandemic, imports fall 10.5% in Brazil

With the coronavirus pandemic, imports shrank by 35.5 percent in July, accumulating a 10.5 percent drop in the first seven months of the year. After an atypically strong first quarter, purchases from abroad began to drop above two digits as of April. Considering the period between April and July, the total shows a drop of 21% compared to the previous year.

BNDES has a loss of $105 mm in the 2nd quarter

BNDES made a loss of R$ 582 million ($105 mm) in the second quarter, reversing the R$ 5.5 billion ($1bn) profit obtained in the first three months of the year, the bank said. The second quarter’s result was affected by the Covid 19 pandemic and BNDES’s board of directors said the provision for credit risk was R$2.3 billion ($418 mm) for the period.

Cbios emission should accelerate in the second semester

The definition of the tax regime for decarbonisation credits (Cbios), with the overthrow on August 12th of the presidential vetoes to the section of the Agro MP that rate the bond at 15%, will help accelerate the emissions and the commercialisation of the Cbios in the second semester. In total, 252,400 Cbios have been traded so far by all brokers, at an average price of R$ 20 ($4).

Brazilian trade balance has a surplus of $2 bn

The Brazilian trade balance recorded a $2.095 billion surplus and a $7.596 billion trade current in the first week of August 2020 – with five working days – as a result of exports worth $4.845 billion and imports of $2.751 billion. In the year, exports totalled $125.737 billion and imports, $93.657 billion, with a positive balance of $32.08 billion and current trade of $219.395 billion.