Tourism activities grow 19.8% in Brazil, says IBGE

The aggregate of tourism activities grew 19.8% in June compared to May, according to data released by IBGE. In two months of progress, the sector accumulated a 28.1% gain, still insufficient to recover the 68.1% loss registered in March and April. According to the IBGE, the measures to prevent Covid-19 had an intense impact on tourism companies, especially on air transportation, restaurants and hotels.

Source: Infomoney

Brazil can generate $509 bn with green economy

The economic recovery movement can generate 2 million jobs and add R$ 2.8 trillion ($509 bn) to Brazil’s GDP, in addition to helping the country become more resilient to climate change if investments are directed towards a greener economy. This represent a growth of 38% in relation to the 2019 GDP. This is the reality that reveals the study developed by WRI Brazil, UFRJ and World Bank.

Source: Isto É Dinheiro

Government transfers $114 mm from Lava Jato to defense in the Amazon

Information shows how the R$630 million ($114 mm) that, by decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), should be used to finance inspection and combat forest fires in the Amazon. The government’s decision to centralize all surveillance of the Amazon in the armed forces is already reflected in the volume of financial resources, R$ 530 million ($96 mm), equivalent to 84%, was allocated to the Ministry of Defense.

Source: Ambiente Brasil

IDB approves $1 bn to support emergency programs in Brazil

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a $1 bn loan to Brazil that will help the federal government pay for emergency programs designed to contain the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Of the total, $400 mm will contribute to the emergency relief and the Bolsa Família is expected to receive $200 mm from the credit operation.

Source: Isto É

Soybean trade 20/21 of Brazil advances to 41.6%

The commercialisation of Brazil’s new soy crop (2020/21), advanced to 41.6% of expected production, “an absolute record for the period,” said the Datagro consultancy. Datagro reported an advance of more than five percentage points over the last month (36.2%), to a level much higher than the same moment in 2019 (20.1%) and also the five-year average of 18.6%.

Source: Reuters