Brazilian government will sell 100% of its participation in Vale

The federal government will reduce its participation in Vale mining company by 100%, highlighting that it is not an objective of public authorities to be shareholders of companies. The government still had a participation in Vale and is reducing its participation until it sells 100%. The government will substantially reduce its portfolio of companies and its hedge fund.

Source: UOL Economia

StartSe will inaugurate solar power plant in Ceará

StartSe, dedicated to photovoltaic power generation, will inaugurate the construction of a solar plant in Ceará. The structure will be in Potengi and intends to supply up to 5 thousand homes. In total 25 thousand photovoltaic modules of 400w of power each will be implemented, totalling a plant with power of 10 MW. Ceará occupies a prominent position as a centralised solar energy producer in the country, with a total of 950.1 MW of power.

Source: Portal Solar

Pandemic bill in Brazil has reached $140 bn

According to a survey conducted by Estadão, based on government and bank estimates, the pandemic is expected to cost around R$ 700 billion ($ 140 bn) in 2020 alone, the equivalent of almost 10% of GDP and R$ 3,300 ($660) for each Brazilian. From the public accounts point of view, this represents almost six times the deficit forecast for this year before the pandemic, of R$ 124.1 billion ($25 bn).

Source: Isto É