Half of small and medium enterprises in Brazil had a 25% increase in online sales

A study by Facebook to map the effects of the coronavirus on small and medium businesses showed that 47% of SMEs with social networking sites said they had at least a 25% increase in online sales between January and May. The survey also showed that 43% of business owners say they are optimistic about the future of the business. On the other hand, 52% believe that cash flow will be a challenge in the coming months.

Source: Valor Investe

Eletrobras plans to invest $1.2 bn until 2035

Eletrobras, a state-owned company, plans to invest R$ 6 billion ($1.2 bn) per year until 2035 in the expansion of its power generation and transmission park, according to a strategic plan announced to the market. But the amount could more than double, to R$12.6 billion ($2.5 bn) per year, if the government’s plans to capitalize and privatize the company are successful.

Source: Money Times

BNDES will get $ 70 mm from the Climate Fund for sustainable projects

BNDES will receive an injection of R$ 350 million ($ 70mm) from the Climate Fund, whose resources will be used to finance sanitation projects and solid waste collection. The fund was created in 2009 and allocates resources from the oil activity in the country to sustainable projects that help preserve the climate and reduce the emission of gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Source: Reuters