Day: July 21, 2020

2W Energia will make an IPO of $288 mm for wind power plants

2W Energia is another company with plans to make an initial stock offering (IPO) at B3. The company has filed an offer request with the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) for a primary issuance of shares. One of the objectives with the funds to be raised, according to the prospectus, is to invest in wind energy projects. The IPO should be in the amount of R$ 1.5 billion ($ 288 mm).

Bank of Brics approves $1 bn loan to Brazil

The board of directors of the New Development Bank (NDB), the Bank of Brics, approved a $1 billion (R$ 5.3 billion) loan to Brazil. The amount will be used to pay the Federal Government’s emergency assistance to about 5 million people. With the new financing, the Brazilian portfolio of projects approved by NDB in the country now reaches $ 2.55 bn.

5.7 MW power plant will supply energy to hospitals in MS

A photovoltaic solar power plant is in the final stages of construction. The project aims to serve hospitals in the capital and interior of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul and the enterprise will have 16,290 solar plates. With 5.7 MW of power, the plant will have the capacity to produce enough energy to supply around 7,000 popular homes.