Mines and Energy concentrates 35% of investment in Brazil

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) said 35% of foreign capital invested in Brazil is concentrated in mining and energy. According to the ministry, there was an improvement in energy consumption, although at the beginning of the pandemic there was a drop of about 15% compared to last year. In addition, the updating of the Brazilian regulatory framework has finally attracted foreign companies to the country.

Source: Agencia Brasil

Pandemic shutdown 39.4% of companies that suspended activities in Brazil

The covid-19 pandemic caused the closure of 39.4% of the 1.3 million companies that had temporarily or permanently suspended their operations. In total, 522,700 businesses were closed in the period. The data are from Pulso Empresa survey of IBGE. Among those that were closed, 518,400 (99.2%) were small, 4,100 (0.8%) medium and 110 large.

Source: Agencia Estado