Day: July 1, 2020

Cogeneration reaches 18.8 GW in operation in Brazil

The cogeneration of energy in commercial operation in Brazil already has 634 plants, representing 18.8 GW of installed capacity which is 10% more than the national electric matrix, reports the Cogen survey. Of this total, 62% comes from the combustion of sugarcane biomass, 17% from units powered by natural gas and 15% from black liquor, a sub-product of the chemical treatment process of the paper and cellulose industry.

Soy exports from Brazil projected to reach 78 million tons

According to the National Association of Cereal Exporters (Anec) soy exports from Brazil in 2020 could reach 78 million tons, which could represent a growth of 7.6% compared to 2019, in a strong demand from China and a record of Brazilian crop. The association also reported shipments of 11.9 million tons in June, which would be an increase of 36.8% compared to June 2019.

Brazilian public sector accounts hold deficit of $24 bn

The consolidated public sector accounts, which include the federal government, states, municipalities and state-owned companies, recorded a primary deficit of R$131.4 billion ($24 bn) in May, according to the Central Bank. The deficit means that public sector expenses exceeded revenues from taxes and contributions.

BNDES approves $39 mm for new wind farm

BNDES announced the approval of a financing in the amount of R$208 million ($39 mm) for the implementation of the Ventos de Santa Martina 14 wind farm in Rio Grande do Norte. According to the institution, the financial support stimulates the diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix through a clean and renewable source. The complex that spans three municipalities in the state will have a total installed capacity of 504 megawatts (MW).