Day: June 23, 2020

Brazil registers 9.3% record GDP contraction

The Brazilian economy registered a 9.3% decrease in April, in comparison with March, according to data from the GDP-FGV Monitor, released by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV). In comparison with April of last year, the fall was even greater, of 13.5%. In the moving quarter ended in April, the decline was 6.1%, compared to March.

Brazil’s soy, sugar and oil exports exceed June 2019

Brazilian soy exports reached 9.37 million tons in the first three weeks of this month and already exceed the total volume shipped in June 2019 when they totalled 8.5 million tons, according to data from the federal government released on Monday. The same scenario occurred with foreign sales of sugar and oil.

Trade balance reaches $20 bn surplus

The trade balance registered a surplus of $20.366 billion in the accumulated for 2020. The surplus occurs when exports exceed imports. When the opposite occurs, a trade deficit is recorded. Despite the positive amount, the result is 15.7% lower than the balance of $24.154 billion registered in the same period last year.