Day: June 9, 2020

Investments fell 27.5% in April, releases Ipea

The economic indicator that measures the level of investments fell by 27.5% in April, according to the Institute of Economic and Applied Research (Ipea). The fall recorded in April was even more severe than that seen in March, when investments fell 11.3% in comparison with February, a month that had presented a slight increase, of 0.2%.

Brazilian retail had losses of 29.3% during quarantine

Brazilian retailers recorded losses of 29.3% between March 1 and June 6 compared to February, the period prior to quarantine. The data are from a survey carried out by the Cielo card issuer. The survey shows, however, that in the last week, between May 31 and June 6, the fall was less pronounced, with losses of 23.8% compared to February.

World Bank projects 8.0% drop in Brazil’s GDP

The new coronavirus pandemic will cause economic activity in Brazil to shrink 8% in 2020, predicts the World Bank in a new report released on Monday, 8 June. A drop of this magnitude would be the biggest in 120 years, a period for which the institute statistics official, IBGE, has data on the evolution of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Surplus in the 1st week of June was $1.787 bn

The Brazilian trade balance registered a surplus of $1.777 billion in the first week of June. According to data released by the Ministry of Economy, the result is due to exports worth $4.207 billion and imports of $ 2.419 billion. In the accumulated result for the year, exports reached $88.724 billion and imports, $71.365 billion, totalling a positive balance of $17.359 billion.

Shipment of soy and sugar from Brazil soars in June

The pace of Brazilian soybean shipments increased 48% in the first week of the month, compared to the June 2019 average, according to the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex). Sugar exports also remain strong, totalling 143,700 tons a day, compared to 81,000 tons in June last year, with several factors driving Brazilian shipments.