Day: May 28, 2020

Petrobras raises $ 3.25 bn in the international market

Petrobras recently concluded the raising of $ 3.25 billion with the sale of securities in the international market, according to market sources. The operation came in two series. The first, with a 10-year term, totalled $ 1.5 billion and closed at a rate of 5.60%. The other, which matures in 30 years, raised $ 1.75 billion and came out at 6.90%.

Industry and retail sales fell more than 30% from March to April

Industry and retail sales fell by more than 30% in April, compared to March, according to the Sectoral Monitoring Bulletin of Economic Activity, released by the Ipea. In the services sector, the decline was 23.7%. In addition to the paralysis of a “wide range of productive activities”, the fall in domestic and foreign demand caused a strong retraction in all sectors of the economy.

Tour operators lose $ 182 mm in sales

Tour operators in the country had a 90% drop in revenue in April, compared to the same month of 2019, which corresponds to a loss of R$ 1.08 billion ($ 182 mm). The drop is a result of the crisis experienced by the tourism sector due to the covid-19. For the year, it is expected that tour operators will show a 51% to 75% drop in revenue, reaching an amount between R$ 7.7 billion ($ 1.4 bn) and R$ 11.3 billion ($ 2 bn).