Day: May 5, 2020

Foreign investor takes $ 7.93 mm in April on the Brazilian stock exchange

Foreign investors entered liquidly with R$ 695.9 million ($ 127 million) from the secondary segment of B3 on April 29. Individual investors withdrew R$ 1.01 billion ($ 185 million) on the same day and institutional investors entered with R$ 368 million ($ 67 million). In the month, the balance of foreign investors was negative by R$ 4.36 billion ($ 7.93 million). In the year, the output totals R$ 68.69 billion ($ 12.5 billion).

Export of Ore from Brazil grows 28% in volume in April

Brazilian exports of iron ore and concentrates grew 28% in April, compared to the same month last year, totalling 24 million tons, pointed out data released on Monday by the Secretariat of Foreign Trade. The price of ore, in turn, grew 10.7% in April, compared to the same period in 2019, to $ 67.2 per ton.

Itaú’s profit declines 49.3% and reaches $ 619 bn in the first quarter

Banco Itaú reported on Monday (4) that it recorded net accounting profit of R$ 3.401 billion ($ 619 billion) in the first quarter of 2020. The result represents a decrease of 49.3% compared to the same period of the previous year. The bank’s recurring net income, which excludes extraordinary factors in the fiscal quarter, totalled R$ 3,912 billion ($ 712 million), an amount 43.1% below that recorded in the first quarter of 2019.