Day: April 15, 2020

Brazilian agri-business exploring and confirming new markets

The month of March was marked by the opening of new markets for Brazilian products and the expansion of sales in other locations. Egypt, for example, has enabled 42 Brazilian establishments to supply meat – 27 for poultry and 15 for beef – in addition to the renewal of licenses for 95 companies – 82 for beef and 13 for poultry. China also updated the list of establishments authorised as exporters of fish to the Asian country, which has not been done since 2015. Now, 108 are qualified.

Brazil’s Centre-South breaks ethanol production record reaching 33.24 bn litres

Ethanol plants in the Brazilian Centre-South registered a new record by producing 33.24 billion litres (8.87 billion gallons) at the end of the 2019/2020 harvest, local sugarcane industry association Unica announced. A total of 267 plants produced 9.94 billion litres of anhydrous ethanol, 23.30 billion of hydrous ethanol and 1.62 billion of corn ethanol. The previous record was 30.95 billion litres, set during last year’s harvest.

Brazil to export 77 million tons of soy this year

Brazil is expected to harvest 120 million tons of soy during the 2019/2020 season, according to the Mato Gross State Soy and Maize Producers Association ( Aprosoja ). The association pulls together data from technicians and farmers in 16 different states of Brazil. This year should see soy exports go up 4 million tons from 2019 to 77 million tons.

Brazil govt proposes $7.7 bn transfer to states

Brazil’s government proposed the direct transfer of 40 billion reais ($7.7 billion) to states and municipalities to help compensate them for the loss of revenue due to the coronavirus crisis, a counter proposal to an 80 billion reais aid package approved by the lower house of Congress last Monday.