Day: December 6, 2019

Brazil’s Electro-electronic Sector Annual Revenue to Remain Stable at $37 bn

Revenue from the electro-electronic industry should end 2019 at R$154 (US$37) billion. According to the Brazilian Association of the Electrical and Electronic Industry (Abinee), despite the nominal growth of five percent compared to 2018 (R$146.1 billion), there was no real increase, since inflation in the sector, according to the Producer Price Index (IPP), also closed the year at five percent. Exports shrank five percent in 2019, from US$ 5.9 billion to US$ 5.6 billion. Imports rose one percent from US$ 31.8 billion in 2018 to US$ 31.9 billion this year.

Brazil is now a country with very low real interest rates, according to Guedes

Brazil is transitioning to a world of normal interest rates, while consumer price inflation is below 4% and the central bank’s policy rate has been 5 per cent since October. As such corporate bond market has opened up and several large firms are retiring their overseas debt to borrow from the local market. Traditionally, bank lending to companies stood at an around 47 per cent a year, according to Anefac, an industry association.

Oil spill ruining famous coastline in Brazil

For several months, crude oil has been appearing along 3,000km of Brazil’s coastline, and yet its origins remain uncertain. Alongside the limited clean-up efforts, months of confusion about the cause of the spill have spurred criticism of the Brazilian government’s response. This said, the Brazilian Navy has since deployed 8,500 personnel, 30 ships and 17 aircraft in the clean-up operation. Whatever the true cause of the spill, the impact on the environment continues to be felt.